Susanne Flach

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Flach, Susanne and Martin Hilpert 2022 IntroductionBroadening the Spectrum of Corpus Linguistics: New approaches to variability and change, Flach, Susanne and Martin Hilpert (eds.), pp. 1–5 | Chapter
Hilpert, Martin and Susanne Flach 2022 Chapter 9. A case of constructional contamination in English: Modified noun phrases influence adverb placement in the passiveAnalogy and Contrast in Language: Perspectives from Cognitive Linguistics, Krawczak, Karolina, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk and Marcin Grygiel (eds.), pp. 283–302 | Chapter
This chapter discusses a case of what Pijpops and Van de Velde (2016) call constructional contamination. Specifically, we investigate the influence of English modified noun phrases on variation in adverb placement in the passive. On the basis of data from the COCA, we argue that highly frequent… read more
Flach, Susanne 2020 Constructionalization and the Sorites Paradox: The emergence of the into-causativeNodes and Networks in Diachronic Construction Grammar, Sommerer, Lotte and Elena Smirnova (eds.), pp. 45–68 | Chapter
This article discusses the relationship between “constructionalization” and “constructional change” (Traugott & Trousdale, 2013). Expanding on recent critical reviews, the paper argues that the problems with constructionalization arise from the ambiguity of the concept: it refers simultaneously to… read more
Stefanowitsch, Anatol and Susanne Flach 2020 Too big to fail but big enough to pay for their mistakes: A collostructional analysis of the patterns [ too ADJ to V] and [ADJ enough to V]Computational Phraseology, Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Jean-Pierre Colson (eds.), pp. 247–272 | Chapter
In this paper, we illustrate the usefulness of the family of methods collectively known as Collostructional Analysis for phraseological research. Investigating two patterns, [too ADJ to V] and [ADJ enough to V], we show how a technique originally developed for the investigation of words and… read more
Smirnova, Elena, Robert Mailhammer and Susanne Flach 2019 The role of atypical constellations in the grammaticalization of German and English passivesDiachronica 36:3, pp. 384–416 | Article
In this paper we propose an alternative scenario for the grammaticalization of passive constructions in German and English. According to the received view, the development starts with the frequent combinations of copula verbs with past participles, which then increasingly gain in frequency during… read more