Barry Heselwood

Barry Heselwood

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Instrumental Studies in Arabic Phonetics

Edited by Zeki Majeed Hassan and Barry Heselwood

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 319] 2011. xii, 365 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Phonetics | Theoretical linguistics


This chapter examines phonation categories and glottal states in the Modern South Arabian language, Mehri, as spoken in southern Oman and eastern Yemen with reference also to its sister language, Śḥerɛ̄t, and in San’ani Arabic from an Emergent Features perspective (Mielke, 2008). Within the paper,… read more | Article
This paper explores conceptual and descriptive parallels between the Ancient Greek ψιλά–δασέα distinction as found in the Peripatetic text De Audibilibus, and the gˇahr–hams distinction in the medieval Arabic writings of Al-Ḫalīl (d. c.786 A.D.) and Sībawayhi (d. c.796 A.D.). In both cases there is… read more | Article
Al-Tamimi, Feda and Barry Heselwood. 2011. Nasoendoscopic, videofluoroscopic and acoustic study of plain and emphatic coronals in Jordanian Arabic. Instrumental Studies in Arabic Phonetics, Hassan, Zeki Majeed and Barry Heselwood (eds.), pp. 163–192
In this chapter we present and discuss analyses of instrumental data from nine speakers of Jordanian Arabic. They show that the main articulatory and acoustic differences between plain and emphatic coronal consonants involve changes in the relative volumes and resonance frequencies of the buccal… read more | Article
Instrumental data from seven speakers of Jordanian Arabic are analysed to gain further understanding of the production of the laryngeal and pharyngeal phonemes and their phonetic and phonological relationships. Results from nasoendoscopy and videofluoroscopy show that the extent of retraction of… read more | Article
Heselwood, Barry and Zeki Majeed Hassan. 2011. Introduction. Instrumental Studies in Arabic Phonetics, Hassan, Zeki Majeed and Barry Heselwood (eds.), pp. 1–26
Heselwood, Barry, Sara Howard and Rawya Ranjous. 2011. Assimilation of /l/ to /r/ in Syrian Arabic: An electropalatographic and acoustic study. Instrumental Studies in Arabic Phonetics, Hassan, Zeki Majeed and Barry Heselwood (eds.), pp. 63–98
Since the time of Sībawayh over twelve hundred years ago the phenomenon of manner assimilation among sonorant coronal consonants in Arabic has been recognised. In this chapter we present analysis of electropalatographic and acoustic data from three female speakers of Syrian Arabic to investigate… read more | Article