Annie Montaut

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Although the term aorist has not been frequently used in the various grammars of Hindi, and the current label for the simple past is now “perfective”, the simple form used for the narrative past has a unique position within the global TAM system, as well as in the indicative paradigm. It displays… read more
Hindi transitive verbs, contrary to Bengali verbs, require the ergative structure in the perfective aspect, an atypical feature for an Indo-European language, and are considered to display only surface ergativity, since most syntactic and discursive properties are attached to the agent. However its… read more
Montaut, Annie 2013 The rise of non-canonical subjects and semantic alignments in HindiThe Diachronic Typology of Non-Canonical Subjects, Seržant, Ilja A. and Leonid Kulikov (eds.), pp. 91–118 | Article
An inquiry into the emergence of non-canonical subjects in Hindi may be a first step in evaluating the importance of semantic alignments in the language. The modern data display a cline of subject properties depending on the case and semantic role (Section 1). A brief account of the ancient data in… read more
Montaut, Annie 2004 2. Oblique main arguments in Hindi as localizing predicationsNon-nominative Subjects: Volume 2, Bhaskararao, Peri and Karumuri V. Subbarao (eds.), pp. 33 ff. | Chapter