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Acquiring Sociolinguistic Variation

Edited by Gunther De Vogelaer and Matthias Katerbow

[Studies in Language Variation, 20] 2017. vi, 347 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


De Vogelaer, Gunther and Jolien Toye. 2017. Chapter 5. Acquiring attitudes towards varieties of Dutch: A quantitative perspective. Acquiring Sociolinguistic Variation, De Vogelaer, Gunther and Matthias Katerbow (eds.), pp. 117–154
Even though adolescence is well-known to be a key period for the acquisition of vernacular varieties, there seems to be little research on how attitudes change during adolescence. In addition, most sociolinguistic studies on adolescent language hardly discuss developmental factors. This study tries… read more | Chapter
De Vogelaer, Gunther, Jean-Pierre Chevrot, Matthias Katerbow and Aurélie Nardy. 2017. Chapter 1. Bridging the gap between language acquisition and sociolinguistics: Introduction to an interdisciplinary topic. Acquiring Sociolinguistic Variation, De Vogelaer, Gunther and Matthias Katerbow (eds.), pp. 1–41
Despite repeated calls for in-depth research, the acquisition of patterns of sociolinguistic variation has long been an underinvestigated topic both in sociolinguistics and in language acquisition research. With the exception of a few exploratory studies, most notably Labov (1964), it has long been… read more | Chapter
Urbanek, Lukas, Gregory J. Poarch, Sarah Schimke, Johanna Fanta en Gunther De Vogelaer. 2017. Anders, of toch niet? Het Nederlandse pronominale genus door de bril van Duitse NVT-leerders. Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 6:2, pp. 147–173
Both in Dutch and to a lesser extent in German, pronouns can agree with a noun’s lexical gender or be chosen on semantic grounds. It is well-known that for non-human antecedents, Dutch seems to be shifting towards a more semantic system, via a process labelled ‘hersemantisering’, in which gender… read more | Article
De Vogelaer, Gunther and Guido Seiler. 2012. The dialect laboratory: Introductory remarks. The Dialect Laboratory: Dialects as a testing ground for theories of language change, De Vogelaer, Gunther and Guido Seiler (eds.), pp. 1–32
In Dutch, Frisian and German dialects, bewildering morphological variation is found in the person-marking system (e.g., the Syntactic Atlas of Dutch Dialects for Dutch and Frisian, and Goossens 1994, Weiss 2005 and Fuss 2005 for German). One type of variation concerns the formation of subject… read more | Article
De Vogelaer, Gunther. 2010. Does grammaticalisation need analogy? Different pathways on the ‘pronoun/agreement marker’-cline. Grammaticalization: Current views and issues, Stathi, Katerina, Elke Gehweiler and Ekkehard König (eds.), pp. 221–240
The grammaticalisation of pronouns into clitics and agreement markers is less likely to proceed into the final stages in West Germanic than in Romance dialects. In addition, at least in Dutch, clitic doubling is liable to a development which appears typologically rare, viz. the development from… read more | Article
This article compares the results of an early 20th century survey on pronominal gender in the dialects and data from a recent survey in the Belgian provinces of East and West Flanders. Three main developments are observed: standardisation, inter-dialectal influence, and dialect-internal change. In… read more | Article