Anna Llaurado

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anna Llaurado plays a role.


Llaurado, Anna and Liliana Tolchinsky 2014 Developing a written lexicon in a multilingual environmentPlurilingual Education: Policies – practices – language development, Grommes, Patrick and Adelheid Hu (eds.), pp. 245–258 | Article
Children educated in Catalonia are growing in a multilingual environment. Catalan is their school language but not necessarily their home or social language. Our goal was to track the presence of such multilingual input in the written lexicon of 2,436 students throughout compulsory schooling.… read more
Llaurado, Anna, Maria Antònia Martí and Liliana Tolchinsky 2012 Corpus CesCa: Compiling a corpus of written Catalan produced by school childrenInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 17:3, pp. 428–441 | Article
This paper outlines the compilation of a corpus of Catalan written production. The CesCa corpus presents a picture of the Catalan written language throughout compulsory schooling. It contains two kinds of data: Vocabularies of five semantic fields comprising 242,404 lexical forms and Textual data… read more
Tolchinsky, Liliana, Maria Antònia Martí and Anna Llaurado 2010 The growth of the written lexicon in Catalan: From childhood to adolescenceDevelopmental aspects of written language, Vernon Carter, Sofía A. and Mónica Alvarado (eds.), pp. 206–235 | Article
The lexicon, a complex storage device of units of language use, is a central component of linguistic knowledge closely tied to grammar and has a strong influence on demanding cognitive tasks and academic achievement. This study aims at tracking the growth of the Catalan written lexicon of children… read more