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It has been argued that the experiencer argument of seem is always syntactically projected, and should thus induce an intervention effect even when not overtly produced. The results of our experimental study provide evidence for this claim – English-speaking children perform poorly on raising with… read more
Hyams, Nina 2018 Comments on the acquisition of complementation in PortugueseComplement Clauses in Portuguese: Syntax and acquisition, Santos, Ana Lúcia and Anabela Gonçalves (eds.), pp. 393–414 | Chapter
Snyder, William and Nina Hyams 2015 Minimality effects in children’s passivesStructures, Strategies and Beyond: Studies in honour of Adriana Belletti, Di Domenico, Elisa, Cornelia Hamann and Simona Matteini (eds.), pp. 343–368 | Article
Many studies find true verbal passives in English acquired only after age four, but some find three-year-olds fully adultlike. We explain this discrepancy using Relativized Minimality (RM, Rizzi 2004). Collins (2005a) argues the passive involves movement of the logical object across the logical… read more
Salustri, Manola and Nina Hyams 2006 Looking for the universal core of the RI stageThe Acquisition of Syntax in Romance Languages, Torrens, Vincent and Linda Escobar (eds.), pp. 159–182 | Article
As it is well known, child Italian does not show a typical Root Infinitive (RI) stage (Guasti 1994), in contrast to German, Dutch, etc. Salustri and Hyams (2003) provided evidence from 3 monolingual Italian children and 1 bilingual German-Italian child that there exists an analogue of the RI stage… read more
Hyams, Nina 1999 Underspecification and Modularity in Early Syntax: A formalist perspective on language acquisitionFunctionalism and Formalism in Linguistics: Volume I: General papers, Darnell, Michael, Edith A. Moravcsik, Michael Noonan, Frederick J. Newmeyer and Kathleen Wheatley (eds.), pp. 387 ff. | Article
Hyams, Nina 1994 VP, Null Arguments and COMP ProjectionsLanguage Acquisition Studies in Generative Grammar, Hoekstra, Teun and Bonnie D. Schwartz (eds.), pp. 21 ff. | Article
Hyams, Nina and Ken Safir 1991 Evidence, Analogy and Passive Knowledge: Comments on LakshmananPoint Counterpoint: Universal Grammar in the second language, Eubank, Lynn (ed.), pp. 411 ff. | Article