Larry M. Hyman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Larry M. Hyman plays a role.



Hyman, Larry M. 2017 Underlying representations and Bantu segmental phonologySonic Signatures: Studies dedicated to John Harris, Lindsey, Geoff and Andrew Nevins (eds.), pp. 101–116
Advances in output-oriented derivational theory are progressively subverting the notion of an underlying-surface distinction in phonology. Moreover, categorical patterning in languages’ sound systems can no longer be taken as immediate proof that phonological or phonetic forms are themselves… read more | Chapter
Harry, Otelemate G. and Larry M. Hyman 2014 Phrasal Construction Tonology: The case of KalabariStudies in Language 38:4, pp. 649–689
Although it is common for “replacive” tonal patterns to be assigned by word-level morphological constructions, it is far less common for such overriding schemas to be assigned by specific phrase-level syntactic constructions. Kalabari, an Ijo language of Nigeria, does exactly this: Whenever the… read more | Article
Hyman, Larry M. 2014 Coda constraints on toneThe Form of Structure, the Structure of Form: Essays in honor of Jean Lowenstamm, Bendjaballah, Sabrina, Noam Faust, Mohamed Lahrouchi and Nicola Lampitelli (eds.), pp. 103–122
In many languages tonal contrasts are restricted on closed syllables ending in a stop (CVT). Such “stopped” tones, which are found most widely in East and Southeast Asia, have been interpreted in three different ways in the literature: (i) a single system approach: the tone(s) on stopped syllables… read more | Article
You cannot reconstruct a language phylum unless you have good arguments about which language families it includes. The most striking case is Altaic, where one group of scholars produces thousands of reconstructed forms, and another denies that the major branches are even related. The most extreme… read more | Chapter
Hyman, Larry M. 2013 Penultimate lengthening in Bantu: Analysis and spreadLanguage Typology and Historical Contingency: In honor of Johanna Nichols, Bickel, Balthasar, Lenore A. Grenoble, David A. Peterson and Alan Timberlake (eds.), pp. 309–330
It is often remarked that Eastern and Southern Bantu languages that have lost the historical Proto-Bantu vowel-length contrast tend to have a process of penultimate lengthening (PL). However, there has never been a general, cross-linguistic survey of the phenomenon. In this paper I (i) delimit the… read more | Article
Following up on previous work by Anderson (1979), Watters (1979) and myself (Hyman 1979a, b, 1985), this paper presents an overview and analysis of focus marking in Aghem, a Grassfields Bantu language spoken in Cameroon. It is shown that focus marking pervades virtually every aspect of the grammar.… read more | Article
Hyman, Larry M. and Francis X. Katamba 2006 The word in Luganda.Studies in African Linguistic Typology, Voeltz, F.K. Erhard (ed.), pp. 171–193
Hyman, Larry M. 1999 The Interaction between Focus and Tone in BantuThe Grammar of Focus, Rebuschi, Georges and Laurice Tuller (eds.), pp. 151 ff.
Hyman, Larry M. and Jeri Moxley 1996 The Morpheme in Phonological Change: Velar Palatalization in BantuDiachronica 13:2, pp. 259–282
SUMMARY This paper addresses a potential problem for the Neogrammarian hypothesis of strict phonetic conditioning of primary sound change and the specific claim by Kiparsky (1973:75) that 'no sound change can depend on morpheme boundaries'. In many Bantu languages *k and *g are palatalized before… read more | Article
Hyman, Larry M. and N. Valinande 1985 Globality in the Kinande tone systemAfrican Linguistics: Essays in Memory of M.W.K. Semikenke, Goyvaerts, Didier L. (ed.), pp. 239 ff.