Nieves Hernández-Flores

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Este trabajo estudia las estrategias de atenuación utilizadas en consejos médicos durante consultas de atención primaria. El objetivo es relacionar el uso de atenuantes con el efecto social producido en la imagen de los interactuantes de acuerdo con los roles desempeñados en la interacción concreta. read more | Article
Hernández-Flores, Nieves. 2013. The use of personal deixis as an ideological instrument in Spanish political discourse. Deixis and Pronouns in Romance Languages, Kragh, Kirsten Jeppesen and Jan Lindschouw (eds.), pp. 171–188
The aim of this article is to investigate the relationship between personal deictic expressions and context in political discourse. The focus is on the contextual cognitive and social processes that are involved in conceptualizing deixis as an instrument of ideology and persuasion. The data consist… read more | Article
TV-panel discussions constitute a communicative genre with specific features concerning the situational context, the communicative goals, the roles played by the participants and the acts that are carried out in the interaction. In the Spanish TV-debate Cada día, discourse is characterized as… read more | Article
Hernández-Flores, Nieves. 2004. 12. Politeness as ‘face’ enhancement: An analysis of Spanish conversations between friends and family. Current Trends in the Pragmatics of Spanish, Márquez Reiter, Rosina and María Elena Placencia (eds.), pp. 265 ff.
Hernández-Flores, Nieves. 1999. Politeness ideology in Spanish colloquial conversation: The case of advice. Ideologies of politeness, Kienpointner, Manfred (ed.), pp. 37–49