Jarmo Jantunen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jarmo Jantunen plays a role.


This article examines Finnish online forum discussions where religion and discourses of ‘homosexuality’ are connected in various ways. Previous research (e.g. Jantunen 2018a) shows that in Finnish online discussions where sexual minorities are the topic, religion stands out as a significant feature… read more | Article
Using the International Corpus of Learner Finnish, this study examines Finnish time expressions and the lexical item kello (‘watch, time, o’clock’), which is overused by learners of Finnish. The chapter provides a holistic phraseological account of kello that includes not only its collocates but… read more | Chapter
Jantunen, Jarmo. 2004. Untypical patterns in translations: Issues on corpus methodology and synonymity. Translation Universals: Do they exist?, Mauranen, Anna and Pekka Kujamäki (eds.), pp. 101–126