Lorella Viola

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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Follow-ups are elliptical interrogative forms typically constituting an utterance in their own right. They are used to signal attention to the interlocutor, to encourage them to continue or as a reply to a call. This paper investigates the invariant follow-up sì? (‘yes?’) in Italian and it argues… read more | Article
In Italian, the adjective giusto (‘right’) has performed the discourse function of response marker since at least 1613 (DELI 2008: 671). In this paper, I argue that the adjective has recently undertaken a new process of discoursivization, defined as the diachronic process that ends in discourse… read more | Article
This study investigates the diachrony of the Italian expression non c’ è problema ‘no problem’ when used as a response marker (e.g., Tottie 1991; Ward 2006) to establish if it represents a case of language change (Milroy, 1992: 171). If on the one hand, the expression was indeed reported to be a… read more | Article
Musolff, Andreas and Lorella Viola 2019 Introduction: Migration and crisis identityMigration and Media: Discourses about identities in crisis, Viola, Lorella and Andreas Musolff (eds.), pp. 1–10
This article explores how the internal conflict between the Italian Northern and Southern regions’ ideologies is linguistically apparent in the use of the discriminating words polentone (literally, polenta eater) attached to people from the North and terrone (literally, person from the land)… read more | Chapter
In Italian, grazie ‘thanks’ and ringraziare ‘to thank’ historically introduce an object by means of the preposition di ‘of’ (Renzi, Salvi & Cardinaletti 1991: 545–548); when grazie and ringraziare introduce a subordinate infinite clause, they may all the same be followed by either di or per ‘for’,… read more | Article