Ouriel Grynszpan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ouriel Grynszpan plays a role.


Grynszpan, Ouriel, Julie Bouteiller, Séverine Grynszpan, Jean-Claude Martin and Jacqueline Nadel 2022 Social gaze training for Autism Spectrum Disorder using eye-tracking and virtual humansInteraction Studies 23:1, pp. 89–115 | Article
Background: Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have pronounced difficulties in attending to relevant visual information during social interactions. Method: We designed and evaluated the feasibility of a novel method to train this ability, by exposing participants to virtual… read more
Grynszpan, Ouriel, Jacqueline Nadel, Jean-Claude Martin and Philippe Fossati 2017 The awareness of joint attention: A study using gaze contingent avatarsInteraction Studies 18:2, pp. 234–253 | Article
This study investigates a specific aspect of joint attention, that is, the emergence of the sense that one is leading the attentional focus of others. Thirty participants were placed in front of two avatars and had to pay attention to objects that were also attended to by the avatars. Unbeknownst… read more
Grynszpan, Ouriel, Jean-Claude Martin and Jacqueline Nadel 2007 Exploring the influence of task assignment and output modalities on computerized training for autismInteraction Studies 8:2, pp. 241–266 | Article
Our exploratory research aims at suggesting design principles for educational software dedicated to people with high functioning autism. In order to explore the efficiency of educational games, we developed an experimental protocol to study the influence of the specific constraints of the learning… read more