Gabriele Iannàccaro

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Minorities in Italy in a changing legal landscape

Edited by Gabriele Iannàccaro and Vittorio Dell’Aquila

Special issue of Language Problems and Language Planning 44:3 (2020) v, 130 pp.
Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Applied linguistics | Cognition and language | Language policy | Language teaching | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Translation Studies


Iannàccaro, Gabriele, Vittorio Dell’Aquila and Ida Stria 2022 Chapter 9. Metalinguistic awareness in education as a tool for enhancing social inclusionAdvances in Interdisciplinary Language Policy, Grin, François, László Marácz and Nike K. Pokorn (eds.), pp. 173–194 | Chapter
The gap between individual linguistic repertoires and generally acknowledged societal ones is one of the principal factors that hamper social and linguistic inclusion. The development of a clear metalinguistic awareness – in school as well as in society as a whole – is a sound tool for achieving… read more
Iannàccaro, Gabriele and Vittorio Dell’Aquila 2020 Fifty ways to legitimate your languageMinorities in Italy in a changing legal landscape, Iannàccaro, Gabriele and Vittorio Dell’Aquila (eds.), pp. 255–272 | Introduction