Liana Tronci

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This paper focuses on the Greek particles ára, oukoûn, oûn and toínun in Plato’s Theaetetus and investigates them at the syntactic-pragmatic interface. Traditionally, these particles are regarded as semantically equivalent, because they express consequence or indicate a conclusion. However, they do… read more
Tronci, Liana 2016 Sur le syntagme prépositionnel en N en grec ancien. Syntaxe et lexique de ses combinaisons avec le verbe ékhein ‘avoir’À la recherche de la prédication: Autour des syntagmes prépositionnels, Marque-Pucheu, Christiane, Fryni Kakoyianni-Doa, Peter A. Machonis et Harald Ulland (dir.), pp. 141–158 | Article
This paper focuses on three Ancient Greek constructions, which have the same surface structure N0 ékhein N1 en N2, but different lexical, semantic and syntactic features. The aim of the study is to give an account of these differences by investigating: (a) the value of both the prepositional phrase… read more
This paper deals with Italian impersonal constructions featured by the clitic si, such as Si è scoperto (gli untori) ‘one has found out the plague-spreaders’, Si sono scoperti (gli untori) ‘the plague-spreaders have been found out’, Si è scoperti (come untori) ‘they have been found to be… read more
This paper deals with the complex interaction between form and function in the verb morphosyntax of four Indo-European languages (French, Italian, Ancient Greek and Sanskrit). Beyond the difference in form, auxiliation patterns in French and Italian, and verb inflections in Ancient Greek and… read more
This paper deals with psychological predicates in Ancient Greek. The corpus is composed of sentences found in a representative collection of Ancient Greek texts, in which nouns designating psychological states show predicative function. Some lexical-syntactic properties here accounted for concern… read more