Lidija Iordanskaja

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lidija Iordanskaja plays a role.


Iordanskaja, Lidija and Igor Mel’čuk 2021 Minimodel of semantic synthesis of Russian sentencesLingvisticæ Investigationes 44:1, pp. 101–136
A formal linguistitic model is presented, which produces, for a given conceptual representation of an extralinguistic situation, a corresponding semantic representation [SemR] that, in its turn, underlies the deep-syntactic representations of four near-synonymous Russian sentences expressing the… read more | Article
Iordanskaja, Lidija and Igor Mel’čuk 2009 Establishing an inventory of surface-syntactic relations: Valence-controlled surface-syntactic dependents of the verb in FrenchDependency in Linguistic Description, Polguère, Alain and Igor Mel’čuk (eds.), pp. 151–234
Iordanskaja, Lidija et N. Arbatchewsky-Jumarie 2000 Quatre prépositions causales du français: Leur sémantisme et cooccurrenceLingvisticæ Investigationes 23:1, pp. 115–159
The paper studies the meaning and the cooccurrence of four French prepositions used to express the causal relation: À CAUSE DE, SOUS L’EFFET DE, DE, and PAR. Each preposition is characterized along the three following aspects: (1) the type of causation it expresses (direct? with contact? with unity… read more | Article
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This paper describes some semantic properties of verbs which admit Neg-raising proceeding from their semantic representation (= semantic decompositions). One new concept relevant to Neg-raising verbs is proposed: negation semantic scope (NSS; the scope of negation in the semantic representation of… read more | Article
Lidija lordanskaja: The Linear Ordering of Pronominal Non Subject Clitics in Modern French. The author reviews the classical problem of the placement of clitics in French with respect to the order of the source complements. The new element brought into the study is the use of Melcuk's theoretical… read more | Article