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English Sentence Constructions

Marjolijn H. Verspoor, Tim Kassenberg, Merel Keijzer and Gregory J. Poarch

[Not in series, 240] 2022. 261 pp.
Subjects Electronic/Multimedia Products | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Syntax


Poarch, Gregory J. and Janet G. van Hell 2019 Chapter 14. Does performance on executive function tasks correlate? Evidence from child trilinguals, bilinguals, and second language learnersBilingualism, Executive Function, and Beyond: Questions and insights, Sekerina, Irina A., Lauren Spradlin and Virginia Valian (eds.), pp. 223–236 | Chapter
Recent discussion has questioned how well standard executive function tasks tap executive function processes and the convergent validity across executive function tasks. The present study reanalyses data from a study on executive function in children (Poarch & van Hell, 2012a), building empirically… read more
Urbanek, Lukas, Gregory J. Poarch, Sarah Schimke, Johanna Fanta en Gunther De Vogelaer 2017 Anders, of toch niet? Het Nederlandse pronominale genus door de bril van Duitse NVT-leerdersDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 6:2, pp. 147–173 | Article
Both in Dutch and to a lesser extent in German, pronouns can agree with a noun’s lexical gender or be chosen on semantic grounds. It is well-known that for non-human antecedents, Dutch seems to be shifting towards a more semantic system, via a process labelled ‘hersemantisering’, in which gender… read more