Ignacio Satti

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Individuals who share knowledge of past events may encounter different practical problems when engaging in the co-telling of those events. Drawing upon conversation analysis, this article investigates how co-tellers manage interpolated opportunities to initiate other-repair in collaborative… read more
Pfänder, Stefan, Philipp Freyburger, Daniela Marzo and Ignacio Satti 2022 Doing remembering as a multimodal accomplishment: On the use of mi ricordo (‘I remember’) in Oral History InterviewsInteractional Linguistics 2:1, pp. 110–136 | Article
The present study investigates how remembering is publicly displayed during storytelling in Oral History Interviews with Italian-speaking witnesses of labor camps during WWII. We focus on the use of the first-person indicative mi ricordo (‘I remember’). In this particular narrative genre, mi… read more