Robin Wooffitt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robin Wooffitt plays a role.


Wooffitt, Robin, Alicia Fuentes-Calle and Rebecca Campbell 2022 Small stories with big implications: Identity, relationality and aesthetics in accounts of enigmatic communicationNarrative Inquiry 32:2, pp. 249–269 | Article
In this paper we examine reports of poetic confluence, in which one person’s utterances seems to connect with another’s unspoken or unarticulated thoughts. We argue that analysis of these narratives can be investigated as a window onto social reality, and as a site in which social realities are… read more
Woods, Catherine and Robin Wooffitt 2014 Telling the moment: Seeing a UFONarrative Inquiry 24:2, pp. 239–258 | Article
In this paper we examine how the features of an on-going experience are identified as having subsequently reportable properties. Using transcripts of the audio track of a video posted on YouTube purporting to capture the movements of a UFO (or at least, ostensibly anomalous lights in the sky), the… read more