Jesús Ezquerro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jesús Ezquerro plays a role.


Research on the interaction between emotion, cognition and language in the field of Artificial Intelligence has become particularly active along the last years. Lots of computational models of emotion have been developed. There are accounts stressing the role of canonical and mirror neurons as… read more | Article
O'Brien et al. (1988) reported that readers generated elaborative inferences only when a text contained characteristics (a strong biasing context or a demand sentence) that made it easy to predict the specific inference that a reader would draw, and virtually eliminated the possibility of the… read more | Article
Ezquerro, Jesús and Mauricio Iza Miqueleiz 1995 Review of Stevenson (1993): Language, Thought, and RepresentationPragmatics & Cognition 3:2, pp. 394–398