Meixiu Zhang

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L2 Collaborative Writing in Diverse Learning Contexts

Edited by Mimi Li and Meixiu Zhang

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 59] 2023. vii, 253 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Writing and literacy


Li, Mimi and Meixiu Zhang. 2023. Introduction. L2 Collaborative Writing in Diverse Learning Contexts, Li, Mimi and Meixiu Zhang (eds.), pp. 1–10
In this chapter, we synthesize the methodological approaches, research techniques, analytic frameworks, and research practices in existing collaborative writing (CW) empirical research. We start with an overview of both the predominant and emerging research techniques in existing CW literature, and… read more | Chapter
Crawford, William J. and Meixiu Zhang. 2021. How can register analysis inform task-based language teaching?. Register in L1 and L2 Language Development, Gray, Bethany and Jesse Egbert (eds.), pp. 180–206
For over 30 years, corpus research on register variation has expanded our understanding of language use by illustrating how linguistic features co-occur and vary in different situations of use (Biber & Conrad 2019). Over the same period, Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) has provided a… read more | Article
Biber, Douglas, Jesse Egbert and Meixiu Zhang. 2018. Lexis and grammar as complementary discourse systems for expressing stance and evaluation. The Construction of Discourse as Verbal Interaction, Gómez González, María de los Ángeles and J. Lachlan Mackenzie (eds.), pp. 201–226
Although ‘stance’ and ‘evaluation’ are closely related theoretical constructs, stance is normally investigated through corpus-based methods focusing on the use of lexico-grammatical features, while evaluative language, being regarded as more context-dependent, has been investigated through the use… read more | Chapter