Margarita Mele Marrero

List of John Benjamins publications for which Margarita Mele Marrero plays a role.


Mele Marrero, Margarita. 2019. Chapter 11. Neither I nor we: Inexplicit authorial voice in eighteenth century academic texts. Writing History in Late Modern English: Explorations of the Coruña Corpus, Moskowich, Isabel, Begoña Crespo, Luis Puente-Castelo and Leida Maria Monaco (eds.), pp. 216–234
Alonso-Almeida, Francisco and Margarita Mele Marrero. 2014. Stancetaking in seventeenth-century prefaces on obstetrics. Journal of Historical Pragmatics 15:1, pp. 1–35
This paper deals with authorial stance in prefatory material of Early Modern English manuals on women’s diseases. Publications on this field from between 1612 and 1699 constitute our corpus of study. Original digitalised texts have been analysed manually to identify and detect structures concerning… read more | Article