Gregory Iverson

Gregory Iverson

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The Reality of Linguistic Rules

Susan D. Lima, Roberta Corrigan and Gregory Iverson

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 26] 1994. xxiii, 480 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Discourse studies | Phonology | Pragmatics | Syntax | Typology

Explanation in Historical Linguistics

Edited by Garry W. Davis and Gregory Iverson

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 84] 1992. xiv, 238 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Eckman, Fred, Gregory Iverson and Jae Yung Song. 2015. Overt and covert contrast in L2 phonology. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation 1:2, pp. 254–278
This paper reports results on the acquisition of the English /p/–/b/ contrast by native speakers of Arabic. This contrast does not exist in the participants’ native language (NL). The central finding of this study is that some of the research participants exhibited a covert contrast between these… read more | Article
Second language learners show various forms of mispronunciation, or modification, of target pronunciation, most perhaps due to direct native language transfer, but others, summarized here, to deflected contrast, hypercorrection and covert contrast. The present paper reports on a novel form of… read more | Article
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This paper reports results on the acquisition of the English /s/ – /z/ phonemic contrast by native speakers of Spanish. The central finding is that some of the research participants exhibited a covert contrast between these segments in their interlanguage productions. Acoustic analysis revealed… read more | Article
Lee, Soyoung and Gregory Iverson. 2008. Development of Stop Consonants in Korean. Korean Linguistics 14, pp. 21–39
Abstract. The purpose of this study was to examine acoustically the developmental characteristics of Korean stops. Stop productions were obtained from 30 Korean male and female children in two age ranges (5 and 10 years). Voice-Onset-Time (VOT) delay and fundamental frequency (f 0) at the… read more | Article
Abstract. This study aims to localize the brain regions involved in the apprehension of Korean laryngeal contrasts and to investigate whether the Internal Model advanced by Callan et al. (2004) extends to first versus second language perception of these unique three-way laryngeal distinctions. The… read more | Article
Iverson, Gregory and Ahrong Lee. 2006. Perception of Contrast in Korean Loanword Adaptation. Korean Linguistics 13, pp. 49–87
Abstract. A number of modifications affect the sound structure of foreign words as they are bor-rowed into Korean. We consider specifically the adaptation of word-final stops, liquids, and voiceless as well as voiced coronal sibilants. The particular manifestation of these is shown to corre-late… read more | Article
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