Carina Rasse

List of John Benjamins publications for which Carina Rasse plays a role.


Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Rasse, Carina. 2023. Review of Bagli (2021): Tastes We Live By: The Linguistic Conceptualisation of Taste in English. Current challenges in metaphor research, Julich-Warpakowski, Nina and Paula Pérez Sobrino (eds.), pp. 128–131
Colston, Herbert L. and Carina Rasse. 2022. Figurativity: Cognitive, because it’s social. Dynamism in Metaphor and Beyond, Colston, Herbert L., Teenie Matlock and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 243–264
We’ve long recognized that figurative language is social in multiple ways. But new developments in both socio-cognitive neuroscience and linguistic pragmatics suggests that the extent to which all language, figurative and everything else, might be considered social has been underestimated. This… read more | Chapter