Guillermina Noël

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Health Information Design

Edited by Guillermina Noël

Special issue of Information Design Journal 23:3 (2017) ii, 134 pp.
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Discourse studies


Noël, Guillermina, Jorge Frascara and Clarence Wong 2019 Designing bowel preparation patient instructions to improve colon cancer detection: Evidence-based design criteria for patients’ documentsInformation Visualization, Dörk, Marian and Isabel Meirelles (eds.), pp. 110–121 | Article
Medical personnel usually write and design documents that inform physicians or patients about procedures or therapies. Document design, however, requires skills that are not normally applied, resulting in information that is often not used properly. This article describes a project developed by… read more
Noël, Guillermina, Thea Luig, Melanie Heatherington and Denise Campbell-Scherer 2018 Developing tools to support patients and healthcare providers when in conversation about obesity: The 5As Team programInformation Design Journal 24:2, pp. 131–150 | Article
People living with obesity suffer from multiple health issues, including diabetes and mental health problems. Misinformation about the complex nature of this condition greatly affects the way one manages obesity. This results in unrealistic expectations by both healthcare providers and patients.… read more
Noël, Guillermina 2017 On the design of shared-decision making tools: An interview with Maggie Breslin & Ian HargravesHealth Information Design, Noël, Guillermina (ed.), pp. 360–368 | Interview
Noël, Guillermina 2017 The role of information design in patient safety: An interview with Jorge Frascara & Keith KingHealth Information Design, Noël, Guillermina (ed.), pp. 369–375 | Interview
Noël, Guillermina, Janet Joy and Carmen Dyck 2017 Improving the quality of healthcare data through information designInformation Visualization, Meirelles, Isabel and Katherine Gillieson (eds.), pp. 104–122 | Article
Improving the quality of patient care, generally referred to as Quality Improvement (QI), is a constant mission of healthcare. Although QI initiatives take many forms, these typically involve collecting data to measure whether changes to procedures have been made as planned, and whether those… read more
Frascara, Jorge and Guillermina Noël 2014 Lorri Zipperer (Editor) Knowledge management in HealthcareInformation Design Journal 21:3, pp. 300–301 | Review
Noël, Guillermina 2014 Connecting Dots: AIGA design educators conferenceInformation Design Journal 21:1, pp. 78–79 | Article
Although designers use diagrams as an aid to think and to communicate problems and situations in their practice and although some leading institutions have used them in their teaching, many design schools have not yet incorporated diagramming in their programs. This article proposes the use of… read more
Frascara, Jorge and Guillermina Noël 2010 Evaluation and design of a blood components transfusion request formHealthcare Information, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 241–249 | Article