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Study Abroad to, from, and within Asia

Edited by John L. Plews and Jane Jackson

Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


The number of Chinese students who are joining international exchange programs has increased significantly in recent years, with the majority enrolling in English-medium courses in the host country. To better understand how to prepare and support their learning, the present study investigated the… read more
Plews, John L. and Jane Jackson 2017 Introduction to the special issue: Study Abroad to, from, and within AsiaStudy Abroad to, from, and within Asia, Plews, John L. and Jane Jackson (eds.), pp. 137–146 | Introduction
Second language acquisition scholars have long recognized that language attitudes and motivation can play a critical role in second language (L2) learning, leading to variations in willingness to communicate (WTC) and initiate interactions in that language. This paper reports on the pre-sojourn… read more
This chapter explores the developmental trajectory of a Hong Kong Chinese university student who participated in a year-long exchange program in Canada. After Kingston (a pseudonym) returned home, he enrolled in Intercultural Transitions, an elective course designed to enhance and extend sojourn… read more