Angela George

List of John Benjamins publications for which Angela George plays a role.


Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


While the field of L2 variation, particularly with L2 Spanish, is expanding, to date little is known about the acquisition of variable intonation that occurs in final boundary tones of yes-no questions. The present study investigates the effects of explicit instruction on the accurate… read more
This special issue highlights current research on topics related to linguistic and identity development of heritage language learners (HLLs) who participate in study abroad programs. With the steady increase of study abroad, it is becoming more common for HLLs to study in the country of their… read more
This chapter focuses on the impact of three key programmatic features – program type, housing condition, and program length – on the development of a geographically variable feature, the second-person plural forms of address (i.e., vosotros/ustedes distinction) by second language learners of… read more
This article addresses differences in 25 study abroad students that reside in the dormitory, primarily with other native English speakers, to those that live with local host families during a 13-week semester in Central Spain. In addition to completing four tasks to elicit three regional… read more
Heritage language learners of Spanish are studying abroad in Spanish-speaking countries yet their linguistic evolution in Spanish is not addressed sufficiently in existing published scholarship. The current study consists of four case studies of US heritage speakers of Spanish studying abroad in… read more