Alan Partington

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alan Partington plays a role.


Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


Partington, Alan and Matilde Zuccato 2018 Europhobes and Europhiles, Eurospats and Eurojibes: Revisiting Britain’s EU debate, 2000–2016The Corpus Linguistics Discourse: In honour of Wolfgang Teubert, Čermáková, Anna and Michaela Mahlberg (eds.), pp. 95–126
This paper is an examination in three parts of the UK’s debate on membership of the European Union, before and immediately after the so-called ‘Brexit’ Referendum. The first part takes its cue from an article by Wolfgang Teubert which has exercised considerable influence in the field of… read more | Chapter
Duguid, Alison and Alan Partington 2017 Forced lexical primings in transdiscoursive political messaging: How they are produced and how they are receivedLexical Priming: Applications and advances, Pace-Sigge, Michael and Katie J. Patterson (eds.), pp. 67–92
Lexical priming is a term for the processes by which listeners, by repeated exposure, first internalise and then reproduce the constituent elements of language, their combinatorial possibilities and the semantic and pragmatic meanings associated with them (Hoey 2005). Forced priming (Duguid 2009),… read more | Chapter
This paper examines the discourses relating to antisemitism in the three leading UK national “quality” newspapers from 1993 to 2009. To this end, three corpora were compiled, each consisting of the complete set of instances in context in these papers where antisemitism is mentioned, the first from… read more | Article
To say that there has been a certain amount of confusion and debate over the nature and function of the notion of semantic prosody would be an understatement. In this paper we attempt to address and assess, in the light of current thinking in the field of lexical grammar, some of the main issues… read more | Article
In this paper I wish to examine the two related concepts of semantic prosody and semantic preference. I will begin the section on each with a definition, attempt a review of relevant current positions and then describe a number of corpus-based experiments I conducted to throw light on the two… read more | Article
Partington, Alan 1993 Corpus Evidence of Language Change — The Case of the IntensifierText and Technology: In honour of John Sinclair, Baker, Mona, Gill Francis and Elena Tognini-Bonelli (eds.), pp. 177 ff.