Neil G. Jacobs

List of John Benjamins publications for which Neil G. Jacobs plays a role.


Jacobs, Neil G. 2004 Syncope and foot structure in pre-Ashkenazic HebrewDiachronica 21:2, pp. 307–327 | Article
This paper examines a set of problems concerning word stress in the substratal Merged Hebrew component in Yiddish. When compared with their historical cognates in Classical Hebrew, the Yiddish words show a stress pattern which appears to conform to the Germanic trochee. The change has frequently… read more
Jacobs, Neil G. 2001 Yiddish in the Baltic regionCircum-Baltic Languages: Volume 1: Past and Present, Dahl, Östen and Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm (eds.), pp. cclxxxv–cccxi | Chapter
Jacobs, Neil G. 1996 Toward a phonological description of l Palatalization in Central YiddishGermanic Linguistics: Syntactic and diachronic, Lippi-Green, Rosina L. and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. 149 ff. | Article
Janda, Richard D., Brian D. Joseph and Neil G. Jacobs 1994 Systematic Hyperforeignisms as Maximally External Evidence for Linguistic RulesThe Reality of Linguistic Rules, Lima, Susan D., Roberta Corrigan and Gregory Iverson, pp. 67 ff. | Article
Jacobs, Neil G. 1993 On Pre-Yiddish Standardization of QuantityDiachronica 10:2, pp. 191–214 | Article
SUMMARY Yiddish possesses a sizable Tiberian Hebrew (TH) substrate component. The modern Yiddish reflexes of original TH words often show evidence of having undergone a number of diachronic phonological developments which seem to parallel similar processes in the German component found in Yiddish.… read more
SUMMARY The paper offers an analysis of the historical development and structure of the gender system of Northeastern Yiddish (NEY). The analysis is based on descriptions in Weinreich (1961), Herzog (1965), and Wolf (1969). Historically, Yiddish has a three-gender system (masc, fern, neut). Loss of… read more