Doris Schönefeld

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Subjects Cognition and language | Theoretical linguistics


Schönefeld, Doris. 2005. Frozen locutions – frozen dimensions: LEFT and RIGHT in English, German and Russian. Outside-In — Inside-Out, Maeder, Costantino, Olga Fischer and William J. Herlofsky (eds.), pp. 241–265
Hampe, Beate and Doris Schönefeld. 2003. Creative syntax: Iconic principles within the symbolic. From Sign to Signing, Müller, Wolfgang G. and Olga Fischer, pp. 243–261
The following article is meant to discuss the status of corpus linguistics, how it is seen and sees itself as a field: Is it merely a method of doing linguistics, or can it be considered a distinct approach to language description? In our argument, we claim that corpus linguistics is on the way of… read more | Article