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Applying Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Fiona Farr and Anne O'Keeffe

Special issue of International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 16:3 (2011) vi, 136 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics


This chapter focuses on the need to address both theories of learning and theories of language acquisition in data-driven learning (DDL) research. While it recognises that there has been so much worthwhile research work on DDL which has shed so much light on the value of DDL, it is still not a… read more
English Profile (EP) is an ongoing empirical exploration of learner English initiated by Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English, among others. EP aims to create a set of empirically-based descriptions of language competencies for English. ‘Reference Level Descriptors’ already exist as… read more
Farr, Fiona and Anne O'Keeffe 2011 IntroductionApplying Corpus Linguistics, Farr, Fiona and Anne O'Keeffe (eds.), pp. 299–304 | Article
Walsh, Steve, Tom Morton and Anne O'Keeffe 2011 Analysing university spoken interaction: A CL/CA approachApplying Corpus Linguistics, Farr, Fiona and Anne O'Keeffe (eds.), pp. 325–345 | Article
In this article, we consider how corpus linguistics (CL) and conversation analysis (CA) can be used together to provide enhanced descriptions of spoken interaction in the context of small group teaching in higher education. From our analysis of the data, we show how the two approaches can be… read more
O'Keeffe, Anne and Svenja Adolphs 2008 Response tokens in British and Irish discourse: Corpus, context and variational pragmaticsVariational Pragmatics: A focus on regional varieties in pluricentric languages, Schneider, Klaus P. and Anne Barron (eds.), pp. 69–98 | Article
The use of vague language is one of themost common features of everyday spoken English. Speakers regularly use vague expressions to project shared knowledge (e.g., pens, books, and that sort of thing) as well as to make approximations (e.g. around sevenish; he’s sort of tall). Research shows that… read more
Farr, Fiona and Anne O'Keeffe 2002 2. Would as a hedging device in an Irish context: An intra-varietal comparison of institutionalised spoken interactionUsing Corpora to Explore Linguistic Variation, Reppen, Randi, Susan Fitzmaurice and Douglas Biber (eds.), pp. 25–48 | Chapter