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Constructions in Spanish

Edited by Inga Hennecke and Evelyn Wiesinger

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 34] 2023. vi, 406 pp. + index
Subjects Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Hennecke, Inga and Evelyn Wiesinger. 2023. Chapter 1. Construction Grammar meets Hispanic linguistics. Constructions in Spanish, Hennecke, Inga and Evelyn Wiesinger (eds.), pp. 2–25
This chapter offers an introduction to the topic and to the individual contributions of the present volume. First, it presents an evaluation of the general potential of combining (usage-based and cognitively oriented) Construction Grammar with Hispanic (and Romance) linguistics. Further, it aims at… read more | Chapter
The present contribution investigates verb-particle constructions formed with atras ‘back(wards)’ in Old Spanish, against the background of the typological change from (mostly) satellite-framed patterns in Latin to the predominantly verb-framed strategies in the… read more | Chapter
Spanish verb-particle constructions such as llamar para atrás ‘call back’ or ir para atrás ‘go back’, which are found among bilingual speakers in the USA, have been attributed either to structural and/or semantic contact with English or to merely language-internal evolutions. In the present… read more | Chapter
Guianese French Creole1 (GFC) is one of the least studied French Creoles, which is especially true with respect to its non-French-related input. Combining sociohistorical, demographic and linguistic data, this contribution gives a first lexico-etymological account of the GFC lexicon of non-French… read more | Article