Douglas Pulleyblank

List of John Benjamins publications for which Douglas Pulleyblank plays a role.


Archangeli, Diana and Douglas Pulleyblank. 2016. Emergent morphology. Morphological Metatheory, Siddiqi, Daniel and Heidi Harley (eds.), pp. 237–270
This paper examines implications for morpho-phonology of a model that minimizes the role of an innate linguistic endowment in grammar formation. ‘Bottom-up’ learning results in mental representations that form sets from perceived morphs but do not involve abstract ‘underlying’ representations. For… read more | Article
Pulleyblank, Douglas. 1985. A lexical treatment of tone in Tiv. African Linguistics: Essays in Memory of M.W.K. Semikenke, Goyvaerts, Didier L. (ed.), pp. 421 ff.