Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar plays a role.


For training translators in academic settings, the notion of translation bilingual sub-competence is fundamental. However, little research has addressed the practical methods for developing the trainees’ translation bilingual sub-competence. The present study investigated the impact of Group… read more | Article
Daghigh, Ali Jalalian, Mohammad Saleh Sanatifar and Rokiah Awang 2018 A taxonomy of manipulative operations in political discourse translation: A CDA approachFORUM 16:2, pp. 197–220
Translation may not always be understood in the way the writer of the original text intended it to be. This is particularly true in political discourse translation in which the target text has to be re-contextualized and tailored to suit the ideologies, values and socio-political needs of the… read more | Article
Saleh Sanatifar, Mohammad and Mohammad Sadegh Kenevisi 2017 The idea of faithfulness and reformulation of the Gricean maxims for the needs of translationFORUM 15:1, pp. 67–84
Translation scholars have been applying the Gricean maxims as analytical tools to handle pragmatic issues in translation. Not always this genuine application is successful regarding that the maxims are culture-bound in nature and may not have the same utility in a different culture and/or in… read more | Article
Cette étude cherche surtout à décrire et formuler les paradigmes de texte en traduction de substitution PRO-formes comme un élément important de la cohésion dans la production et la compréhension de texte. À cet effet, cette étude réfléchit d'abord sur les stratégies que les traducteurs utilisent… read more | Article