Przemysław Janikowski

List of John Benjamins publications for which Przemysław Janikowski plays a role.


The present study focuses on (in)congruence of input between the visual and the auditory modality in simultaneous interpreting with text. We asked twenty-four professional conference interpreters to simultaneously interpret an aurally and visually presented text with controlled incongruences in… read more | Article
Chmiel, Agnieszka, Przemysław Janikowski and Anna Cieślewicz 2020 The eye or the ear? Source language interference in sight translation and simultaneous interpretingInterpreting 22:2, pp. 187–210
In the current study we set out to investigate source language interference in the visual modality (in sight translation – ST) and in the auditory modality (in simultaneous interpreting – SI). We probed interpretations of cognates, interlingual homographs and passive structures in single sentence… read more | Article