Marta Grzybowska

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marta Grzybowska plays a role.


Holvoet, Axel, Marta Grzybowska and Agnieszka Rembiałkowska. 2015. Middle voice reflexives and argument structure in Baltic. Voice and Argument Structure in Baltic, Holvoet, Axel and Nicole Nau (eds.), pp. 181–210
The article deals with Baltic reflexives covering the semantic domain of the middle voice in a narrower sense, that is, the non-anticausative middles as illustrated in constructions like The bread cuts easily. The emphasis is on the Baltic languages, but the data of Slavonic and, to a lesser… read more | Article
Wiemer, Björn and Marta Grzybowska. 2015. Converse relations with the reflexive marker in Lithuanian and Polish: Between grammar and lexicon. Voice and Argument Structure in Baltic, Holvoet, Axel and Nicole Nau (eds.), pp. 211–286
This paper discusses the various methodological and theoretical prerequisites necessary to cope with a seemingly quite simple task. This task consists in establishing the number and types of verb pairs in Lithuanian and Polish which are morphologically related by the presence vs. absence of the… read more | Article
The aim of the paper is to account for the pattern of grammatical relations with the debitive, an inflectional form of the Latvian verb expressing necessity. The authors argue that the debitive construction displays what they call diffuse grammatical relations. They show that neither of the… read more | Article