Björn Technau

List of John Benjamins publications for which Björn Technau plays a role.


Technau, Björn. 2020. The Multi-Component Model for the semantic analysis of slurs. Hate speech: Definitions, interpretations and practices, Baider, Fabienne H., Sharon Millar and Stavros Assimakopoulos (eds.), pp. 219–240
The semantics of slur terms has provoked some debate within the philosophy of language, and different analysis models have been proposed to account for the complex meaning of these terms. The present paper acknowledges the complexity of the matter and presents an analysis model that is inspired by… read more | Article
Technau, Björn. 2016. The meaning and use of slurs: An account based on empirical data. Pejoration, Finkbeiner, Rita, Jörg Meibauer and Heike Wiese (eds.), pp. 187–218
This paper focusses on some aspects of the meaning and use of slurs that have been neglected in the literature so far. On the pragmatic side, it concentrates on non-pejorative uses and the distinction between target groups and in-groups. It shows that emotions play a critical role in all contexts… read more | Article