Anne-Mieke Janssen-van Dieten

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anne-Mieke Janssen-van Dieten plays a role.


The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is supposed to be applicable for all learners or users of second and foreign languages and to enhance the comparability of language qualifications. In this article, it is argued that, owing to a confusion of declarative knowledge and language… read more
There is an increasing awareness that the number of non-native speakers in the category of 'adult, highly educated, advanced L2-learners' is rapidly increasing. This paper presents an analysis of what it means to teach them a second language - whether it is Dutch or any other second language. It is… read more
Glopper, Kees de en Anne-Mieke Janssen-van Dieten 1998 Modellen en Metingen Van TaalvaardigheidToegepaste taalwetenschap in discussie, pp. 169–178 | Article
This article contains a concise discussion of models and measurement of language ability. A general definition of the concept language ability is given, Subsequendy, psycholinguistic models of oral and written language production and comprehension are discussed. The nature and extent of individual… read more
Janssen-van Dieten, Anne-Mieke 1997 Adult Second-Language Policy in the Netherlands: Some ConsiderationsPerspectives on Foreign Language Policy: Studies in honor of Theo van Els, Bongaerts, Theo and Kees de Bot (eds.), pp. 201 ff. | Article
Mieke, Anne en Anne-Mieke Janssen-van Dieten 1990 Onderwijsonderzoek in de BasiseducatieOnderwijs Nederlands als T2: De stand van zaken, pp. 147–158 | Article
Janssen-van Dieten, Anne-Mieke 1988 Kunnen We Volstaan Met Lakmoes?Taaltoetsen, pp. 127–137 | Article
In order to be admitted to a Dutch university, foreign students have to take a Dutch proficiency test. It is argued by one of the Dutch universities that this proficiency can be demonstrated by a single type of test: a multiple-choice cloze test. This position is accounted for by concurrent… read more
Test-objectives have been formulated in the following way: With regard to the behavioural component we have first defined the objectives for the highest level in the four skills and from them we have derived the underlying objectives. With regard to the content component: - with a view to defining… read more