Terry Janzen

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Subjects Cognition and language | Interpreting | Signed languages


Janzen, Terry 2022 Embodied cognition: ASL signers’ and English speakers’ use of viewpointed spaceSigned and spoken language contrastive research: A multimodal approach, Gabarró-López, Sílvia and Laurence Meurant (eds.), pp. 227–258 | Article
Recent work has shown that ASL (American Sign Language) signers not only articulate the language in the space in front of and around them, they interact with that space bodily, such that those interactions are frequently viewpointed. At a basic level, signers use their bodies to depict the… read more
Janzen, Terry, Barbara Shaffer and Sherman Wilcox 2022 Signed language pragmaticsHandbook of Pragmatics: Manual, Verschueren, Jef and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 1209–1223 | Chapter
Topic constructions in ASL are understood to be composed of information identifiable to the addressee that serves as the reference point from which to view the comment or comments immediately following it. This study compares the instances of use in a corpus of conversational ASL of KNOW and… read more
Janzen, Terry, Barbara Shaffer and Sherman Wilcox 2011 Signed language pragmaticsPragmatics in Practice, Östman, Jan-Ola and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 278–294 | Article
Janzen, Terry and Barbara Shaffer 2008 14. Intersubjectivity in interpreted interactions: The interpreter's role in co-constructing meaningThe Shared Mind: Perspectives on intersubjectivity, Zlatev, Jordan, Timothy P. Racine, Chris Sinha and Esa Itkonen (eds.), pp. 333–355 | Article
Introducing an interpreter into a discourse event affects the very nature of the interchange because in addition to the interlocutors’ intersubjective approach to each other, the interpreter necessarily bases her interpretation on assumptions she makes about each of the interlocutors’ shared and… read more
Janzen, Terry 2005 Interpretation and language use: ASL and EnglishTopics in Signed Language Interpreting: Theory and practice, Janzen, Terry (ed.), pp. 69–105 | Article
Janzen, Terry and Donna Korpiniski 2005 Ethics and professionalism in interpretingTopics in Signed Language Interpreting: Theory and practice, Janzen, Terry (ed.), pp. 165–199 | Article
Janzen, Terry, Barbara Shaffer and Sherman Wilcox 2001 Signed language pragmaticsHandbook of Pragmatics: 1999 Installment, Verschueren, Jef, Jan-Ola Östman, Jan Blommaert † and Chris Bulcaen (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Article
The topic construction of American Sign Language (ASL), within a topic-comment discourse structure framework, is explained as having emerged from gestural, communicative roots. In modern ASL, the prototypical topic construction is understood to grammatically mark pragmatic information that is… read more