Zaixi Tan

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Applying insights from Shi Er’s philosophic-cultural studies-based “boundary theory” to the construal of the nature of translation, this paper discusses the various aspects of what could be regarded as a generative approach to defining translation, ranging from the idea that translation is a… read more
The present research explores how the self-censoring mechanism is established in the translator’s mind and how this internal mechanism interfaces with external, institutional censorial policies to affect both the process and the outcome of a translation. The paper begins with a discussion of the… read more
Zaixi Tan,  1998 Mona Baker (ed.): Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation StudiesBabel 44:3, pp. 276–282 | Miscellaneous
Zaixi Tan,  1997 Reflections on the Science of TranslationBabel 43:4, pp. 331–352 | Article
Abstract The intentions of this article are threefold: (1) to analyze why translation theory has not developed as well as it should have; (2) to clear up the conceptual confusions encountered concerning the Science of Translation; and (3) to present a personal view on what the Science of… read more