Haina Jin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Haina Jin plays a role.


Jin, Haina, Yichi Zhang and Xiaomin He. 2022. Indirect translation of foreign films for cinematic release in China. What can research on indirect translation do for Translation Studies?, Pięta, Hanna, Laura Ivaska and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 465–488
Scholars have acknowledged the widespread use of indirect translation in audiovisual translation. Some researchers have made use of text analysis to explore the effects of indirect translation on voiceover and subtitling. However, a bigger picture of indirect translation in the audiovisual… read more | Article
Jin, Haina. 2020. Intertitle translation of Chinese silent films. APTIF 9 - Reality vs. Illusion: From Morse code to machine translation, De Laet, Frans, In-kyoung Ahn and Joong-chol Kwak (eds.), pp. 719–732
There is a misconception that film translation did not exist in China before 1949. The paper argues that the translation of Chinese silent films was vibrant in the 1920s and the early 1930s. Most of the extant copies of Chinese films from that period have bilingual intertitles. Chinese film… read more | Article
Why do we need a history of audiovisual translation? The elements of such a history cannot be tackled without any context, especially outside of a history of cinema, understood both as an art made of techniques and a business. And what kind of history do we need? We try here to define the… read more | Article