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Words and their meaning: A deep delve from surface distribution intounderlying neural representation

Edited by Merle Horne and Mikael Roll

Special issue of The Mental Lexicon 5:2 (2010) v, 118 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Multilingualism | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics


Blomberg, Frida, Mikael Roll, Johan Frid, Magnus Lindgren and Merle Horne 2020 The role of affective meaning, semantic associates, and orthographic neighbours in modulating the N400 in single wordsThe Mental Lexicon 15:2, pp. 161–188
The N400 has been seen to be larger for concrete than abstract words, and for pseudowords than real words. Using a word vector analysis to calculate semantic associates (SA), as well as ratings for emotional arousal (EA), and a measure of orthographic neighbourhood (ON), the present study… read more | Article
Hed, Anna, Andrea Schremm, Merle Horne and Mikael Roll 2019 Neural correlates of second language acquisition of tone-grammar associationsThe Mental Lexicon 14:1, pp. 98–123
Native speakers of Swedish use tones on stems to predict which suffix is to follow. This is seen behaviorally in reduced response times for matching tone-suffix pairs. Neurophysiologically, online prediction is reflected in the event-related potential (ERP) component pre-activation negativity… read more | Article
Schremm, Andrea, Pelle Söderström, Merle Horne and Mikael Roll 2016 Implicit acquisition of tone-suffix connections in L2 learners of SwedishThe Mental Lexicon 11:1, pp. 55–75
Swedish native speakers (NSs) unconsciously use tones realized on word stems to predict upcoming suffixes during speech comprehension. The present response time study investigated whether relatively proficient second language (L2) learners of Swedish have acquired the underlying association between… read more | Article
Blomberg, Frida, Mikael Roll, Magnus Lindgren, K. Jonas Brännström and Merle Horne 2015 Emotional arousal and lexical specificity modulate response times differently depending on ear of presentation in a dichotic listening taskThe Mental Lexicon 10:2, pp. 221–246
We investigated possible hemispheric differences in the processing of four different lexical semantic categories: SPECIFIC (e.g. bird), GENERAL (e.g. animal), ABSTRACT (e.g. advice), and EMOTIONAL (e.g. love). These wordtypes were compared using a dichotic listening paradigm and a semantic category… read more | Article
Söderström, Pelle, Mikael Roll and Merle Horne 2012 Processing morphologically conditioned word accentsThe Mental Lexicon 7:1, pp. 77–89
The present response time study investigated the influence Central Swedish word accents have on the interpretation of inflectional morphology. Effects of stem tone match/mismatch on the interpretation of Swedish present and past tense suffixes were tested. Both Accent 1 and Accent 2 were found to… read more | Article
Horne, Merle and Mikael Roll 2010 IntroductionWords and their meaning: A deep delve from surface distribution intounderlying neural representation, Horne, Merle and Mikael Roll (eds.), pp. 159–162