Vasudevi Reddy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Vasudevi Reddy plays a role.


Zinken, Jörg, Giovanni Rossi and Vasudevi Reddy 2020 Chapter 10. Doing more than expected: Thanking recognizes another’s agency in providing assistanceMobilizing Others: Grammar and lexis within larger activities, Taleghani-Nikazm, Carmen, Emma Betz and Peter Golato (eds.), pp. 253–278 | Chapter
In informal interaction, speakers rarely thank a person who has complied with a request. Examining data from British English, German, Italian, Polish, and Telugu, we ask when speakers do thank after compliance. The results show that thanking treats the other’s assistance as going beyond what could… read more
Reddy, Vasudevi 2012 Moving others mattersMoving Ourselves, Moving Others: Motion and emotion in intersubjectivity, consciousness and language, Foolen, Ad, Ulrike M. Lüdtke, Timothy P. Racine and Jordan Zlatev (eds.), pp. 139–164 | Article
Being moved by others is central to social and cognitive development. This paper explores the other side of the phenomenon: that of wanting to move others. Within philosophy and psychotherapy several different terms have been used to refer to the importance of having an impact on others - being… read more