Carrie Gillon

List of John Benjamins publications for which Carrie Gillon plays a role.


Gillon, Carrie and Nicole Rosen 2016 Critical mass in MichifJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 31:1, pp. 113–140 | Article
In this paper, we examine mass and count in Michif, a language often called a mixed language, which has elements from French (and English) and Cree (and Ojibwe). French has an obvious grammatical mass/count distinction (Doetjes 1997); Cree does not. Michif could therefore display a mass/count… read more
Gillon, Carrie and Solveiga Armoskaite 2015 The illusion of the NP/DP divide: Evidence from LithuanianLinguistic Variation 15:1, pp. 69–115 | Article
In this paper, we present syntactic and semantic arguments that, in at least one articleless language (Lithuanian), bare nouns are able to project either NP or DP structures (cf. Franks & Pereltsvaig 2004; Ajíbóyè 2006; Pereltsveig 2006). We show that, in some syntactic contexts, Lithuanian bare… read more
Gillon, Carrie 2012 Evidence for mass and count in InuttutLinguistic Variation 12:2, pp. 211–246 | Article
While it is clear that some languages have a grammatical mass/count distinction (e.g. English), in other languages (e.g. Inuktitut) it is not so obvious. In this paper, I show that Inuttut (Labrador Inuktitut) has a subtle grammatical mass/count distinction: while number, numerals, and most… read more
Gillon, Carrie 2009 The semantic core of determiners: Evidence from Sḵwxwú7meshDeterminers: Universals and variation, Ghomeshi, Jila, Ileana Paul and Martina Wiltschko (eds.), pp. 177–214 | Article
In this article, I argue that definiteness is not found in all languages, based on the different behaviour of determiners in English and Sḵwxwú7mesh (Salish). However, I also argue that, despite overt differences between the determiner systems of English and Sḵwxwú7mesh, determiners in both… read more