Ann-Marie Moser

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ann-Marie Moser plays a role.


While micro-variation, i.e. variation between dialects or among speakers, has been established and proven in recent years as a research discipline in its own right in (also theoretically informed) linguistics, variation within a speaker that cannot be attributed to sociolinguistic variables has,… read more
The aim and scope of this article is to take a closer look at the functions and semantics of the three relative particles da, so, and wo, and to show that they have developed differently over a period from 1350 to 1800, continuing up to our modern dialects and the standard language. We will… read more
Moser, Ann-Marie 2019 Negative concord in Alemannic: An OT-approach at the syntax-morphology interfaceMorphological Variation: Theoretical and empirical perspectives, Dammel, Antje and Oliver Schallert (eds.), pp. 243–282 | Chapter
The article focuses on variation in negative concord (NC) between and within the grammars of speakers of Alemannic. Based on a broad data set, partial grammars from individuals are extracted, and four different systems are attested: Grammar 1 with obligatory negative spread (N-spread), Grammar 2… read more