Tobias Bernaisch

Tobias Bernaisch

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


As studies on socio-pragmatics in South Asian Englishes and – more generally – postcolonial Englishes are still rare, the present study analyses how age, formality of context, gender, topic of the conversation and type-token ratio of a given speaker influence intensifiers and downtoners in spoken… read more | Article
In this paper, we are exploring the history of the genitive alternation (of- vs. s-genitive) in Singapore English based on corpus data covering both British English (as the historical input variety) and Singapore English (as the target variety whose diachronic development we are interested in).… read more | Chapter
Gries, Stefan Th. and Tobias Bernaisch. 2016. Exploring epicentres empirically: Focus on South Asian Englishes. English World-Wide 37:1, pp. 1–25
The present paper studies the dative alternation with GIVE, i.e. the alternation between the double-object construction (e.g. John gave Mary a book) and the prepositional dative (e.g. John gave a book to Mary), in relation to the norms underlying this constructional choice in six South Asian… read more | Article
The present study focuses on lexicogrammatical routines of South Asian Englishes that are associated with so-called ‘cultural keywords’. These routines are particularly significant manifestations of the overarching process of the linguistic acculturation of the English language in new postcolonial… read more | Article
Bernaisch, Tobias, Stefan Th. Gries and Joybrato Mukherjee. 2014. The dative alternation in South Asian English(es): Modelling predictors and predicting prototypes. English World-Wide 35:1, pp. 7–31
The present paper focuses on the modelling of cross-varietal differences and similarities in South Asian English(es) and British English at the level of verb complementation. Specifically, we analyse the dative alternation with GIVE, i.e. the alternation between the double-object construction (John… read more | Article
It has been noted that the study of the interface between lexis and grammar in general and verb-complementational patterns and preferences in particular offers new insights into distinctive and so far largely neglected structures of varieties of English. Based on data from the International Corpus… read more | Article
Particle verbs are a very common and highly productive feature at the lexis-grammar interface and are thus particularly prone to undergoing structural nativization resulting in variety-specific usage patterns of frequency and innovation. In addition, particle verbs have been noted to display… read more | Article