Francisco J. Cortés-Rodriguez

List of John Benjamins publications for which Francisco J. Cortés-Rodriguez plays a role.



Cortés-Rodriguez, Francisco J. 2016 Revisiting Aktionsart types for lexical classesReview of Cognitive Linguistics 14:2, pp. 498–521 | Article
A good number of lexical and grammatical models make use of systems of meaning representation which are based on a theory of event structure. Theories of event structure quite often take aspectual features as the backbone for the semantic representation of symbolic units, i.e predicates and… read more
The kernel of the semantic representation of a predicate in Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) is based on its characterization in terms of an Aktionsart typology based on Vendler’s (1957) classes plus some additional elements from Smith (1997) and Dowty (1979). This means that event structures are… read more
Martín Arista, Javier and Francisco J. Cortés-Rodriguez 2014 From directionals to telics: Meaning construction, word-formation and grammaticalisation in Role and Reference GrammarTheory and Practice in Functional-Cognitive Space, Gómez González, María de los Ángeles, Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez and Francisco Gonzálvez-García (eds.), pp. 229–250 | Article
This chapter deals with the evolution of preverbs and discusses the development of a telic function by directionals after a process of lexicalization and grammaticalization. The main language of analysis is Old English and the discussion includes a comparison with Sanskrit, Gothic and Old Icelandic. read more
Cortés-Rodriguez, Francisco J. 2009 The inchoative construction: Semantic representation and unification constraintsDeconstructing Constructions, Butler, Christopher S. and Javier Martín Arista (eds.), pp. 247–270 | Article
This article provides an analysis of English inchoative structures within the framework of a functionally-based conception of language and, specifically, of the lexicon. This theoretical framework – the Lexical Constructional Model (LCM henceforth) – proposes a lexical component composed of two… read more