Bryan Gick

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bryan Gick plays a role.


Chiu, Chenhao and Bryan Gick 2021 Auditory startle disrupts speech coordinationConcentric 47:2, pp. 167–183 | Article
Speech production requires temporal coordination between the actions of different functional groupings of muscles in the human body. Crucially, such functionally organized units, or “modules”, may be susceptible to disruption by an external stimulus such as a startling auditory stimulus… read more
Language learning is a multimodal endeavor; to improve their pronunciation in a new language, learners access not only auditory information about speech sounds and patterns, but also visual information about articulatory movements and processes. With the development of new technologies in… read more
Gick, Bryan, Barbara May Bernhardt, Penelope Bacsfalvi and Ian Wilson 2008 11. Ultrasound imaging applications in second language acquisitionPhonology and Second Language Acquisition, Hansen Edwards, Jette G. and Mary L. Zampini (eds.), pp. 309–322 | Article