Inge Genee

List of John Benjamins publications for which Inge Genee plays a role.


This paper argues for pragmatism rather than linguistic purity in orthography design for endangered Indigenous languages such as Blackfoot, emphasizing the need to see orthography standardization as a dynamic process rather than a static result. It explores the ongoing lack of community agreement… read more | Article
Genee, Inge. 2018. Measuring polysynthesis: A Functional Discourse Grammar approach. Recent Developments in Functional Discourse Grammar, Keizer, Evelien and Hella Olbertz (eds.), pp. 233–272
This chapter proposes a framework for a quantitative approach to the typology of polysynthesis based in Functional Discourse Grammar (FDG). FDG’s strict separation between the Interpersonal, Representational and Morphosyntactic Levels of analysis combined with its approach to morpheme types allows… read more | Chapter
Genee, Inge. 2013. On the representation of roots, stems and finals in Blackfoot. Casebook in Functional Discourse Grammar, Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Hella Olbertz (eds.), pp. 95–124
This chapter proposes an analysis of Blackfoot ‘finals’ in the theoretical framework of Functional Discourse Grammar. It is shown that the two classes of finals have different functions which can be accounted for by locating them in different parts of the FDG grammar component. The analysis… read more | Article