Raf Van Rooy

Raf Van Rooy

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Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | History of linguistics


This paper focuses on how Jean Pillot, author of the most popular French grammar of the sixteenth century in terms of editions, took efforts to contrast his native language with Greek. His Gallicæ linguæ institutio (1550/1561), although written in Latin, contains numerous passages where Pillot… read more | Article
In this article, I discuss a grammar dispute that took place between Philipp Nicodemus Frischlin and Martin Crusius in Tübingen in the winter of 1585/1586. I argue that their diverging views on the ablative case reflect a disagreement on two levels, in addition to their obvious personal rivalry:… read more | Article
By studying the different definitions from the Hellenistic era up to Byzantine times, the present paper aims at contributing to tracing the vicissitudes of the term dialektos – and the concept intertwined with it; for this aspect as yet lacks an extensive and systematic treatment. In particular, it… read more | Article