Kristopher Kyle

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


Kyle, Kristopher 2021 Natural language processing for learner corpus researchNatural language processing for learner corpus research, Kyle, Kristopher (ed.), pp. 1–16 | Introduction
Long, Avizia Y., Kristopher Kyle and Graham Crookes 2020 Chapter 7. Navigating the academic job marketProfessional Development in Applied Linguistics: A guide to success for graduate students and early career faculty, Plonsky, Luke (ed.), pp. 79–98 | Chapter
An important goal for most PhD students is to procure gainful employment. Although PhD students receive a great deal of training in the areas of critiquing, conducting, and publishing research, the process of searching, applying for, and securing an academic job is one that is often shrouded in… read more
Smith, George Fredrik, Kristopher Kyle and Scott A. Crossley 2020 Word lists and the role of academic vocabulary use in high stakes speaking assessmentsInternational Journal of Learner Corpus Research 6:2, pp. 193–219 | Article
The current study explored the extent to which academic vocabulary lists could meet the lexical demands of academic speaking assessments. Indices of word use from lists of academic and general vocabulary were used to predict speaking scores on three TOEFL tasks. The results found weak… read more
Kim, YouJin, Scott A. Crossley, YeonJoo Jung, Kristopher Kyle and Sanghee Kang 2018 Chapter 3. The effects of task repetition and task complexity on L2 lexicon useLearning Language through Task Repetition, Bygate, Martin (ed.), pp. 75–96 | Chapter
To date, a growing number of studies in instructed second language acquisition (SLA) have investigated the effects of task repetition on L2 performance (e.g., complexity, accuracy, fluency) as well as on the occurrence of interaction-driven learning opportunities (e.g., Bygate, 2001; Fukuta, 2016;… read more
Kyle, Kristopher, Scott A. Crossley and YouJin Kim 2015 Native language identification and writing proficiencyInternational Journal of Learner Corpus Research 1:2, pp. 187–209 | Article
This study evaluates the impact of writing proficiency on native language identification (NLI), a topic that has important implications for the generalizability of NLI models and detection-based arguments for cross-linguistic influence (Jarvis 2010, 2012; CLI). The study uses multinomial logistic… read more