A. Mehdi Riazi

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


This concluding chapter is organized into four sections. The first section, the introduction, discusses the purpose of compiling the volume. In the second section, I highlight some of the challenges faced by the researchers when they used each methodology and the insights they gained. Thirdly, I… read more | Chapter
Riazi, A. Mehdi 2024 Chapter 1. IntroductionLess Frequently Used Research Methodologies in Applied Linguistics, Riazi, A. Mehdi (ed.), pp. 1–8
This introductory chapter is organized into two sections. The first section, the introduction, discusses research methodology in Applied Linguistics (AL), considering recent methodological debates. Each of the methodologies included in this volume is presented in two chapters, a theoretical and… read more | Chapter
This article reports on a study in which journal publication performance of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (AL/TESOL) academics in the Group of Eight (Go8) Australian universities was examined for each academic rank (Lecturer to Professor) and across apparent genders (females and males). Journal… read more | Article